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October 10, 2011

I don’t really understand why but lately I’ve been getting into the Science fiction track so here’s a few:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-Douglas Adams.  This was a pretty weird book, but also very clever and very ironic.  I saw the movie a few years ago which had turned me off the book, but now I’d sort of like to see it again.  I wasn’t just in love with the plot which included finding out the answer to the universe is 42 and that our world is actually run by white mice, but there were a great deal of one liners that made it worth reading.

Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins- I was pretty unsure about this one because I had been told the POV was of a girl and I thought it might have a heavy feminist slant, but I was wrong.  It really was very good.  Both main characters are really well done and it’s a pretty good story too.  The basics are that this world is divided into 12 districts which select two people from each to compete in these hunger games where the last person alive wins.

Foundation Part I- Issac Asimov–I really enjoyed this book.  There have been a few people who have read it and told me they didn’t like it mainly because of the jumps in time and many characters, etc.  That is a valid complaint and it stems from this book originally being five different short stories, but all based on the same plot line.  Basically the universe, which is almost completely settled and space travel is possible etc., is ruled with justice by the Empire.  This Empire is doomed to fail…at some point soon…and so a group of scientists settle on a far planet to begin reducing the inevitable dark age to come.  It goes through generations and also stages of development which I thought was very interesting.  I haven’t decided whether to read the rest of the books though.

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