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September 14, 2011

The Prodigal God–Timothy Heller:  This is a pretty short book, but a pretty good one.  Basically Heller dissects the story of the prodigal son and relates it to the whole Christian faith.  He focuses a lot on the the second son who is usually overlooked, but may be the more important part of the story.

Siddhartha–Herman Hesse: Another fairly short book.  This reminded me a lot of the Alchemist.  The main character, Siddhartha, is looking for the meaning of life or salvation or finding his dream, etc.  He goes through a few stages of learning and even meets the Buddha.  The main point of the book is that no amount of learning or reading can replace the first hand knowledge of experience and that sometimes you just have to live and learn that way.  It was pretty good.

Life Together–Dietrich Bonhoeffer: This was an ok book, probably not the first Bonhoeffer you should read.  It was an instruction manual about what to do during each part of the day when living in community.  To me, Bonhoeffer was pretty strict and one dimensional, but there were still things to be gained, especially in regard to reading the Bible and in prayer.

Fooled by Randomness–Nassim Taleb: I talked about Black Swan earlier by Taleb and this one was pretty similar.  It was still about how statistics are not truly understood by very many people, and that even those people who do understand, like Taleb, are still sometimes fooled.  We, as humans, are just not wired to fully take into account all statistics, and therefore we sometimes do not act completely rationally.  I’d say read this one or Black Swan, they both have just about the same theme.

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