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Last thoughts on India

August 2, 2011

Well today is my last day of work and I’ll be leaving India tomorrow.  I just want to reflect on a few of the things I’ll miss and a few of the things I can’t wait to have again.

What I’ll miss about India:

The food, of course.  Eating a biryani with your hands is something pretty darn good.  I’ll also miss all the curry and spices that they use in every dish and then the dosas.  For beverages, I’ll mainly miss the fresh fruit juices, especially mango, that can almost be desert.

The people.  The people of India are what make India, India.  Therefore it should be no surprise that if you like a country, you like the people.  All the Indians I had extensive contact with were extremely generous(would never let me pay for anything), helpful(were always willing to give me a ride home or provide anything else I needed), informative(you wouldn’t believe how many questions I asked everyone), and patient(I was pretty slow in eating with my fingers and sometimes understanding what they were saying was a little difficult).  They were great to me.

The culture.  I know that’s a huge indefinable topic, but India has a very special culture, which unites all Indians.  This manifests itself in religion(being Hindu is really more a way of life than a religion), in dress(Sarees), and their overall manner(accepting, but know it all).  I’ll also miss the moustaches!

The rain and scenery.  I never thought I’d say I would miss rain, but I will.  It really is beautiful when the rain is coming down so hard it cuts off the power in your home.  And having something almost every day and then getting thrown into the heat, I’m sure I’ll miss it.  The scenery part is mainly the coconut trees and the temples–which really are a part of the scenery, as colored as they sometimes are.

The cost of living.  Amanda and I would go out to the most expensive restaurants here and would each order a three course meal(starter, main course, and dessert) and it would cost $10 each, tops.  Sometimes just $10 for both of us.

What I’m ready for again:

Some food, of course, that doesn’t include rice or bread.  I’ve had enough rice and bread for a little while.  I’m also ready for some beef/a steak–a rarity.  And maybe, just maybe, a lettuce or spinach salad too.  Did I mention peaches?!

My family.  Everybody’s home, Laura, Jorge, JM, and the parentals, and I’m ready to get back to the laughter.

Hot water–I did have hot water in India, but only for an hour in the morning.  It’ll be nice to have it full time.

Tap water–it’ll be quite the luxury to be able to drink out of the tap.

Good roads and the opportunity to drive on them.  I have had absolutely no desire to drive on Indian roads because the roads are full of potholes, they drive on the wrong side, and they drive crazy(it’s like two schools of fish heading into each other and miraculously no one crashes).  But I’m ready to be on the road again.

Well, I loved India.  I want to mention a few more quick notes before leaving though.  Politically, they have a great start in that they have a strong constitution and pretty fair elections.  They do have lots of corruption that is a big hindrance.  Economically it has come a long way since Nehru and will continue to grow if the government can just let its people go.  Labor is cheap and ideas are plentiful.  Here is a very good article about how far India has come and what it must do to continue.  Culturally, it is the most rich and vibrant culture that I have come across.  There are so many things to see that I really wish I had another month here to travel, but maybe I’ll get that opportunity later.  Who knows…





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  1. P Jennings permalink
    August 2, 2011 1:12 pm

    Loved your comments! What a wonderful experience!

  2. Jennings king permalink
    August 2, 2011 4:00 pm

    Loved keeping up with your travels….and welcome back to the US of A! Hope to see u soon cuz! Y’all should all come visit Charleston while everyone is in the country!

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