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July 30, 2011

I have spoken at least a little about the food here in India and I didn’t want to neglect the beverages.

Water-Unfortunately India’s water supply is not the cleanest.  Almost every restaurant, including our canteen, provides purified/filtered water, but we were instructed not to drink that either because it too is not that clean.  Therefore, bottled water has been the way to go.  I’m ready to drink out of the tap again.

Milk-Is readily available in India.  In fact, India is the largest producer of milk and so I’ve been able to find skim, regular, different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, mango, etc, and soy milks.  Also they have hot milk a lot of places and hot badam milk(which is almond flavored).

Fruit Juices-Fresh fruit juices like watermelon, grape, pineapple, musambi(sweet lime), mango, orange, and probably some I’m forgetting.  They also have the regular apple, orange, etc. that are bottled and they have a carrot and orange mix(zanahoria y naranja por mi hermana).

Soft Drinks-They don’t really have any special sodas.  They’re mostly the same, but are more bubbly and are made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Hot Tea- They have coffee, but tea is definitely the more popular drink thanks to the Brits.  It is served at breakfast, between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner, and then sometimes after dinner as well.  It is almost always served with lots of milk and sugar.  Part of the reason for this is that they heat the milk, then add the sugar, then add the tea powder!  Usually they don’t even make real tea!  Anyways, it really is pretty good.

Alcoholic Beverages-I of course haven’t tried any of these, but I’ll describe anyway.  The biggest beer, by far, is Kingfisher.  It is available everywhere in the big(650 mL) bottles.  Compared to the soft drinks, or other beer, it’s flat.  It does have a hint of sweet taste though, which might account for the Indians liking it so much.  Indian wine, is growing mightily, but again seems to be too sweet.  I want to mention here that India is the world’s fastest growing alcohol market.  Read more here.

Coconut Water-How could I forget, I’m doing a project on this.  Fresh coconut water is available at every little store you go to.  This means it is available at a new location every 100 yards.  I’m not in love with the taste(I like a little sweeter), but it’s pretty good and I like watching them cut it up at the end so you can eat the fleshy part.

Milk Shakes-I’m not sure if this counts, but they are available in a pretty wide variety at every restaurant and they aren’t too bad!  Also they have a drink called sweet lassi, which is like a sweetened yogurt, but those are more like desert than traditional beverage.


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