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Some more books

July 19, 2011

Dexter in the Dark, Dexter by Design, Dexter is Delicious- Jeff Lindsay:  Most of you know how I can get into a series or author and want to read it all, well that’s what happened with the Dexter.  They are very exciting, interesting, and also very clever.  Even though it is about a serial killer, you relate and pull for Dexter.  They were good and shorter than the Larsson books I’ll talk about next.

Love Wins- Rob Bell: I can’t say enough about this book.  It’s only about a hundred pages, but in it Bell challenges many things about the contemporary Christian faith especially as regards Heaven and Hell and what role we have in this world.  Even if you don’t accept all that he says, he makes you think long and hard about what you do believe and sometimes you just find yourself nodding in accordance with him.  I thought it was exceptional and I really recommend it.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-Steig Larsson: There is a ton of hype over these books, but I really thought this one was just ok.  The first hundred or so pages go extremely slow and after that I still thought it was a bit slower than a Ludlum.  What added to my distaste were the sexual preferences of the major characters-it was unneeded and I thought detracted from the book.

The Girl who Played with Fire-Steig Larsson:  This second book in the Millennium series was much better and much more entertaining since we didn’t have to get reintroduced to all the characters, which was a reason the first was so slow at the beginning.  Right now I think the end was a little too farfetched, but I’m guessing it was necessary for the final book, I’ll refrain from too much judgment.

Adventure Capitalist- Jim Rogers:  Jim Rogers is an investor who made a ton of money for the Quantum Fund with Soros then got out.  He traveled around the world in a motorcycle investing and wrote a book about it.  This is his second trip around the world, in a car with his wife this time, and does a great job of telling a few little stories or tidbits about each country he passes through—is great to learn a little bit about those countries you may never go to in the Middle East or Africa or even somewhere like Iceland, he also mentions a few tidbits about investing.

Outliers- Malcolm Gladwell:  I don’t know whether it’s because this book is old now or what, but I had basically heard all of his arguments before in other books I’ve read, etc.  He definitely proves his premise which is that a person has to be more than good to get to the top—meaning they also need luck or to be in the right place.  It was decent, not earth shattering, I’d recommend Blink or Tipping Point before this one.

Beloved- Toni Morrison:  Was one of the most depressing books I’ve ever read.  While I think the author did exactly what she set out to do and did it well, I just didn’t find it that appealing.  It definitely has a lot of symbolism, (I went ahead and read all the analysis on sparknotes to make sure I didn’t miss anything), it just didn’t have anything redeeming in it.  It was also sometimes very hard to read because of stream of consciousness and some graphic images.  Won the Pulitzer prize though.

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