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I’m back

July 18, 2011

Well I will say succinctly that I have lots to tell about my travels. However, I still also have lots of work to do, so I can’t devote enough time to really do justice to my experiences. The short summary is that the business aspect was good not great, because we couldn’t find what we were looking for-coconut charcoal briquettes. We still found out some good information about the process, technology, raw materials prices, etc, but not the final product. Personally, the trip was great. While being on a train eventually got old after I had logged around 30 plus hours, it was great scenery. I basically traveled along the southern coast of India and could see beaches, rivers, and lots of coconut trees. I was also able to get the feel of some other cities besides Mangalore and see and feel the differences and similarities in language, food, and culture between people even in only Southern India.

If you want to trace my route, I went from Mangalore to Kochi to Kozhikode (also called Calicut) to Coimbature to Pollachi (in car-about one hour and then back to Coimbature) to Tuticorin to Tirunelveli and then back to Mangalore.

I didn’t get to read quite as much as you would think…I was on a train for a long time but I spent most of it staring out the window or sleeping…but I’ll update you on that later as well

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