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July 9, 2011

For the moment, I still have no computer.  Amanda is generously lending hers to me for short periods of time–bathroom breaks.  Anyhow I’m doing the best I can in making work for myself without a computer, doing some physical tests on coconut charcoal and talking to the finance and accounting guys etc.

Tomorrow Amanda and I and a few others from the company are going to the neighboring state of Kerala.  You may have heard of it because it has been in the news of late because of the $22 billion worth of gold and precious jewels found in one of the temples.  More here.  In case you were wondering currently I am in the state of Karnataka.  Back to the story…we are going to Kerala because it contains a great deal of coconut trees-in fact the name Kerala means “land of the coconut palms”-fitting.  We are going to see some manufacturers of coconut charcoal, coconut water, and some developmental agencies that are helping with coconut production.  I believe that we will be gone for a week and I’m not sure how much I will be able to blog so don’t worry if I am in absentia for a bit and I’ll be sure to update you again once I get back.

A quick link for those of you who were making fun of me for not wanting to work on Saturday.  It seems Israel and some other Middle Eastern countries are wanting to have two days and are having trouble figuring out which days–Friday, for the Arab holy day, and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday like the rest of the Western world.  Hindus don’t really have a holy day as far as I’ve been able to figure out-it’s a very personal religion, though India does have a large Muslim population.

In other news: Amanda and I ate at a very nice restaurant last night and shared Mutton Urwal chilly and a chicken Biryani.  The mutton was a gravy item that was eaten with naan-like pita bread, and the biryani was very spicy this time and is still my favorite dish in India–it is a little different every place you go.

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  1. P Jennings permalink
    July 9, 2011 12:24 pm

    Interesting discussion about the five day work week- and which days to have off. Do you think India will ever go in that direction? Do they have a certain number of vacation days a year that they can take a trip, etc? Do both men and women usually work outside the home or do most of the women stay at home with children like it used to be in the U.S?
    Thanks for giving us all this information. I love reading your blog!!!

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