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New Haircut

July 6, 2011

So yesterday was work as usual, but then after work I had an exciting adventure at the hair salon.   I had asked RR, who gives us our rides to and from the factory, which salon was best, but he just pointed a few out and said they are all about the same-it’s not like I’ve ever been too particular either.  He did say I needed to make sure I received a head massage though, because those were heavenly.

So on the way to dinner Amanda and I stopped at one of the men’s hair salons and I asked for a hair cut and a head massage.  The hair cut was pretty standard except that he did not use any electrical equipment-razors.  Instead he used just a straight razor for my neck and behind the ears and all that.  So it may have taken a minute or two longer, but not much of a discernible difference.  After the haircut it got more interesting…

Because of RR I had asked the “stylist” (he was wearing a tight green shirt) for a head massage.  Well first that meant thoroughly rubbing my head with oil, then beating the heck out of it!  He started out great just by gently massaging as he was putting the oil in then he started karate chopping my head!  I wasn’t sure what to do!  I mean my head was getting tossed around right after he had massaged it so gently.  And then in the midst of this I opened my eyes once and just saw Amanda laughing into her magazine.  I was stunned, .  This probably went on for five to six minutes and then he stopped and said do you want machine?  Well shoot I was scared enough of his hands I didn’t want the machine but as I’ve heard before, Indians don’t take no as an answer.  He got out the machine which was just an armband that vibrated and again rubbed my head, neck, ears, put his hands into my eyes, however this part was much more relaxing.  Then he took off the machine for a final karate chop session and ruined the peaceful feeling I was having.  He again combed my hair and then I was thankfully done.  Two massages and a haircut cost me 90 ruppees, about $2.  Pretty darn cheap, but I think they are going to have to pay me if they want give me a massage again.

The real funny thing is when I told RR about it this morning he laughed, but he really does enjoy it, he wasn’t just setting me up.

In other news: The screen on my computer is no longer fully functioning–it is so dim that I have to have direct sunlight to see anything.  Therefore I’ve been writing this blog by the window and have to stop whenever it gets cloudy and starts to rain. The IT guy says he’ll send it off for me tomorrow, so what that means for my work or my blog, no idea.  I don’t understand why I am suddenly anathema to electronics.

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  1. July 14, 2011 7:55 am

    For the record. I was laughing because I was trying not to cry….I was oh so concerned. I truly was.

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