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The Footwear of India

July 5, 2011

This is the post you’ve been waiting for…what kind of shoes do Indians wear?!

So here is the answer: sandals.

Outside of the office I would venture to say 98% of Indians wear sandals.  Even workers going to pour cement go in their sandals.  There is a simple explanation for this during the rainy season, namely that Indians don’t want to ruin their shoes so they wear these sandals that can get wet.  So naturally I asked how about in the summer?  Well, then Indians want the coolest shoe–the one that allows the most air to get to your feet–again the sandal.  Men, women, and children all wear sandals.  The 2% who don’t wear either tennis shoes(if they are going to work out or just because they are comfortable), dress shoes like heels or loafers(for work or a nice dinner), or no shoes(cause you are a little kid who doesn’t want to wear his shoes).

Inside of the office/factory, I would say exactly the same percentage.  All the factory workers, even though they are working in close quarters and pouring hot wax, still wear sandals!  Most of the people in the office part wear dress shoes though.

So the sandal shops are every few blocks on the side of the road.  For dress shoes or tennis shoes you usually have to go to a mall, but then you have a pretty good selection–of course not as many as in the US, but pretty large just the same.

In other news: Amanda and I went to a restaurant called Palkhi last night which was probably the most expensive restaurant we had been to, that translates t0 not quite $20 spent in total including auto rickshaw rides.  We had a gravy dish called black garlic chicken served with garlic naan (we wanted to scare the vampires and mosquitoes with our breath) and we had a chicken biryani (my favorite, the mix of curry and rice) and a dish called chatpada which had chicken, peppers, and onions mixed in a red sauce.  I’ll conclude by saying we basically waddled back home.

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  1. P Jennings permalink
    July 6, 2011 1:59 am

    Loved this post about the sandals and waddling home – just made me laugh!!!

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