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Tough day

June 30, 2011

Today has been a tough day. What I mean is that

1. The weather has changed to sun suddenly and that has made probably a quarter of the workforce here sick. Everyone is sniffling a little because of the change in the weather including Amanda, but not me, yet! It does look beautiful though and the streets need to dry up.

2. I have had exceptionally poor internet all day. I have no idea why it’s happening, the tech guy has no idea, so I’ve done everything I can with Excel and Word, but there’s so many times when I need to check something on the internet.
The internet really is an amazing thing if you know how to work it and probably more than half of the work that I’ve been doing could be done anywhere–as long as there was internet.

In other news: the employees of the month were awarded certificates today while everyone watched and listened to speeches made by the top management–except Amanda and I because we don’t understand Kannada. I didn’t realize that practice was so widespread, but everyone seemed to enjoy it, I guess it really is a good incentive. Uh, I have internet I better post this while I have a chance…

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