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Busy past few days at work

June 29, 2011

As I said we had a guy from MVP in Charleston come over here and so he has been getting all the information about all the potential products and looking at the factory etc.  So I got to talk to him a bit about the coconut products which was good- I know a lot about coconuts now, but there was still a lot of stuff I didn’t know, especially that dealt with India and stuff that had gone on before I got here-oh well.

I did get a great lunch out of it all though.  We went to a very nice restaurant and had a delicious kabab, I think it was called Vishna-something kabab, but it was very tender and had a mustard type sauce.  Then we had butter chicken gravy, which is a pretty common gravy that you eat with naan–like a big tortilla/pita with butter.  We also had curd rice, the rice mixed with yogurt, and musambi juice–which was new.  It tastes like tangerine juice but is green, who knew?

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