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A nice lazy day…wish it coulda been two

June 27, 2011

Well yesterday was the big free day, so what did we do?  First, we slept through church–something I’ve never done before in my life, just kidding.  We really enjoyed the extra sleep, but it did come at the expense of trying out a different church.  Once we finally got up, we decided to go for an early lunch, late brunch, at a very nice restaurant we had never been to before.

I had some typical Indian food, a vada- this looks like a doughnut except it is not sweet and it is made from rice and served with coconut chutney.  In addition I had some toast with butter and jam…and it tasted exactly as you would have thought.  I wouldn’t have gotten it except my neighbor recommended I try it, so I did, and it was good, but unfortunately nothing special.  Amanda had some cream of mushroom soup and a grilled cheese.

After lunch we shopped a bit at the City Centre Mall and then went back home and had a lazy day.  We had planned to go to the beach, but the rain wouldn’t let up for us so we just read and watched movies the rest of the day.  It was a good rest.  I’ll give you my reading list tomorrow.

Friday night we ate at a roof top restaurant and I had a chicken biryani and a fish appetizer…it had not rained for a couple of days and they brought out the fish before cooking so I thought it was fresh…I really think the biryani has to be my favorite dish here so far.

Saturday night we ordered Pizza Hut pizza.  As expected there wasn’t too much differentiation except that we ordered it with cheesy bites.  That meant that the crust was filled with cheese and would pop off-not too bad.

In other news: we have another American, another South Carolinian with us for a few days.  He’s from MVP and is traveling around Asia visiting retailers and suppliers and so is stopping here for a few days. So hopefully the three of us can reshape these Indian accents to a good ole southern drawl.

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