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June 23, 2011

I feel like I’ve made India into a paradise, and while I like it a lot, I feel I need to point out a lest a few things that could use some improving.  It is a developing country and there are many things that it could change, but here are a few that I see when driving to work.

1. Trash- on the sides of the roads, in any crevice, basically everywhere.  There are always people picking it up, but never as fast as people litter.  Sometimes it has a great smell that goes along with it.

2.Overcrowded buses-There are buses in India, and they are so overcrowded that around five or six people will ride hanging out of the doors which leads to the bus leaning very precariously.

3.The roads themselves- So as I’ve said previously there looks to always be work needed on the road, and it looks like they are getting to it…the materials are right on the side, but not very much work is getting done.  In addition the roads were poorly planned meaning the highest speed you can attain on a road is about 35 or 40.

4.Drainage- I guess I could include this in the above, but I wanted to mention it separately.  These monsoons come every year so why should there be huge puddles on the side of the road?  Why should water be lingering on the roads?  Poor planning I guess.

5.There are cows just eating trash and grass on the sides of the road.  The cow is a very sacred animal in India, yet many are just grazing on trash on the side of the road.  I just can’t reconcile that idea with this.

Those are just the first five things I can think of to let you know India is not a paradise, or at least not yet.


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  1. Laura permalink
    June 29, 2011 8:59 pm

    very interesting article…

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