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Temple Time

June 18, 2011

Today I went to work as normal, except that it was Amanda’s first day, so she was riding in the car with RR, the vice president of Primacy.  We arrived at Primacy and I was going about my normal business when RR asked us if we wanted to go to some temples because he had to meet with a supplier in another state, and while he was meeting we would go to a temple or two.  Well, the meeting was canceled, but the vehicle that RR had called had come so we went and visited the temples anyway!  These are all pretty famous temples in India and so if you google any one of these, you should be able to find a few pictures, history, etc.  Amanda took a few pictures, but as soon as we got back she had to take a nap, so I’ll upload those later on today or tomorrow.

First we went to Kateel temple.  This temple is dedicated to a goddess that battled a demon and got it to rain again, or at least that’s the short of it.  She has the main idol position.  What I mean by that is everyone goes to see her, and she is locked up where no one can touch her in an altar.  She looks to be made of gold and there’s all kinds of incense being burned and bells ringing.  At the closest point of the altar there is a priest who gives you holy water to drink and some flowers.  I’m sorry I don’t know the meaning of all the symbols.  This temple is surrounded by a river, which makes it very beautiful.  There was also an elephant that we got to get up close and personal with.

Next we went to the Thousand Pillar temple.  I didn’t count a thousand pillars, but it was pretty old so some may have eroded and been taken away.  Anyways the pillars themselves were what was remarkable.  They were very intricately carved with designs of the gods, animals, and other various designs.  Each one was carved out of a single rock…or so they told us.  The temple was dedicated to a certain god and that god had their own altar, but it was dark inside the actual temple and so I couldn’t really see anything.

The last temple we went to was called Annapoorneshwari, dedicated to the goddess of the same name.  She had her altar, like the others, and we could get a little closer to this one.  The idols are really very beautiful, it’s just that you can’t get close enough to them to see more than the glint of the light reflecting off of them.  Here you could see the idol.  She is the goddess of food, so she had a ladle in one hand, and befitting the temple, we had lunch there.  The lunch was almost exactly what I have in the Canteen at Primacy:  rice, with a gravy poured on top, some type of vegetable, in this case beets, and then for a desert a sweet oatmeal like liquid.  Sorry I have no names. Surrounding this temple were many animals: rabbits, ducks, other birds-in cages, a camel, an elephant, and the biggest cow I’ve ever seen.  Supposedly every day they parade the cow, elephant, and camel beside the temple-for what reason I know not.

After the temples we visited the largest idol in India that was not a god.  It was some boy who had fled his home to worship the gods and then was turned into a statue.  I can’t remember this name either…I’ll get back to you.  The best part about it really was that the statue was on a great big hill, which are not that prevalent in this part of India.  So being able to get the panoramic view was quite impressive and quite beautiful.

It was a lot to do in a day, but it was definitely worth it and I’m glad we were given that opportunity.  Without RR’s help we wouldn’t of known where to go anyways.

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  1. P Jennings permalink
    June 18, 2011 6:18 pm

    I am so excited that you are getting to see some sights. Sounds like you two had a good day exploring. Were these temples in Mangalore or further away?

  2. Joe permalink
    June 20, 2011 2:31 am

    Calebcito quiero ver fotos por favor !!!!! I miss you amigo!!

  3. Laura permalink
    June 29, 2011 9:36 pm

    i love that you counted the pillars 🙂

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