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Food again

June 17, 2011

Well I haven’t written about food in my last few posts, so I wanted to make sure no one was too worried.  The food is still delicious.  The problem I am having is that I can’t remember the names of all these dishes.  Almost every night I will either go out to a restaurant or order it from one, and I am usually told two or three times what the name of the dish is, and I just can’t remember it (The nights I do not eat food at night, is because I have already eaten tiffon-anything between lunch and supper-but it sometimes is my supper at tea time).  However I can remember a few of my meals the past few days.

Curd Rice–You can guess what this one is.  Rice covered in curds/yogurt, also has basil and carrots.  The item that really makes it good though is cherries.  The yogurt has no sugar so the cherries really give the rice some good flavor, supposedly it is very healthy too.  At the canteen every day, there is also plain yogurt and some people simply pour it on their rice.

Murg Pulav–Simply chicken fried rice.  There is no egg, but has plenty of cilantro and again, cherries!

So today I start attempting some accounting, whether any work will be done or whether it will be only be a learning experience I have yet to see, but I am excited to get away from coconuts for a little while 🙂



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