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St. Aloysius Chapel

June 16, 2011

Yesterday, I got to go home a little early and to make the best of my time, I went to a “tourist” site in Mangalore.  I put “tourist” in quotations because I was the only one at the Chapel and I have yet to see another westerner tourist.  So as I alluded to in the title I went to the St. Aloysius Chapel.  This chapel was built in 1900 and is a simple college chapel.  What makes it so unique is that it is completely covered with paintings.  On all the sides are frescoes, painted directly on the walls, of the Gospel story with the accompanying verse painted below.  Then on the ceilings are oil paintings, on canvas, of St. Aloysius, who in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) that Aloysius was a person who had everything and yet gave it all up to serve others, especially the needy, at least that’s the short of it.  Anyway, it was a really beautiful chapel and to be able to experience it with no one else in the chapel only heightened the awe for me.

In other news Amanda Saca is finally on the way here.  She is a Wofford student as well, and had been delayed by the refusal of the Indian Embassy to give her a visa.  But all is well she is on the way.


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