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What am I doing??

June 14, 2011

Some of you have asked me to explain exactly what I am doing in India.  I will attempt to explain, and know that this was more explanation than I received, so some may not be 100% accurate, but is very close:

Wofford College has sent two interns to India the past two years in order to work with a group called the Manipal Group.  This year the Manipal Group, through its subsidiary Primacy Industries, acquired MVP group in Charleston, a home fragrance company that deals mainly in candles produced here in India by Primacy.  So this year the internship is being run through MVP more than the Manipal Group.  I am working at Primacy, the candle factory.

The candle business is very cyclical, i.e. most of the sales volume comes during Christmas, there is not much activity with regard to sales the rest of the year.  So to make the business less cyclical, MVP wants to introduce a few more products to its repertoire.  It has succeeded in adding pickles about a month back, and is attempting to add some coconut products because India is one of the largest producers of coconut.  Therefore, my job is to find out which coconut products might be marketable in the US, and then find the suppliers, factories, prices, margins, etc that will go with that product.  They had done some preliminary research and had determined the products that I was to start on, which includes coconut charcoal, coconut water, and coconut peat.  This is not really finance or accounting, though it does have aspects of the former, and so I may also spend some time in the finance department just to see how they keep their books.  Questions??


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  1. William permalink
    June 22, 2011 1:13 pm

    Can you get me one of the pickle candles for forest? Also are you trying to help design the coconut product as well? Have you told them what your nick name is? That would be amazing. COCOA’s COCONUTS!

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