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Church and Temple

June 13, 2011

Well I woke up Sunday morning and headed to church, just like home, except it was a Catholic church.  Overall though the service was fairly similar to an episcopal service back home, especially the liturgy.  Though no one had a prayer book, we went through the basics o the call to worship, Apostle’s Creed, Lord’s Prayer, etc, all in english by the way.  They have one english service, and then four services in Kannada, the language spoken around here.  I have to tell you that though I enjoyed communion, without the wine…I thought Catholics now did serve wine to everyone, I guess I was wrong…the liturgy, and the sermon, I did not enjoy the music.  It was not hymns, and it was not any contemporary music I had heard before.  While the lyrics were good, it sounded as if it should be played on the “it’s a small world after all ride” rather than in a church-if you catch my drift.  It was not very harmonious and very few people knew the words.  I figured if I was going to see a Westerner, the english service would be the place to see him.  Nary a one have I seen.

After church I decided to go to a famous Hindu temple in Mangalore.  It is called Kudroli temple and it is dedicated to the god Shiva.  It was much larger than I thought and arranged differently than I had expected.  Instead of one central altar, there were around eight or nine altars.  The center one, also the most important, and most gilded was Shiva, but there were other idols in the temple as well.  I wish I could have had someone explain to me what was happening, all I saw was people burning incense and other stuff and ringing bells at the different altars.  It was all very confusing for me.  Outside the main temple there was a large fountain with genies and other gods I guess all around it, and beside the fountain were all these replicas of animals like tigers, deer, pelicans, etc.  Again I wish I had someone to explain it to me, so I could explain it to you.  One thing that I have gathered is that while a wedding is  very communal, the worshipping of the Hindu gods, whether Shiva or any other is very personal.  You go on your own time, there are no services, and while there is a priest who is in charge of the idol, he doesn’t interfere with your worship.

So with my religious experiments done for the time being I went by the mall and bought an umbrella, which I’m sure will be a good investment with all the rain India has been getting.  Then I went home and rested and watched an Indian movie called the Three Idiots, a really funny movie, I was pleasantly surprised…I haven’t had much humor from my coworkers…anyhow, back to work…

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    June 17, 2011 6:34 am


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