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Indian Sideways Nod

June 7, 2011

So, I have noticed, from the first day I was here really, that Indians do not just nod yes or no, but they also have a sideways nod–the chin stays the same and head moves side to side, like a cobra, sort of.  Anyways this nod was a little confusing because everyone did it, and in a variety of circumstances.  Sometimes when I asked a question, I got the sideways nod, but I would also get it when I was just speaking a sentence.  Also when someone would wave to me, they would also do this sideways nod.  Well, in case any of you would like to start this in the US, the sideways nod means: ok, yes, good, fine, I understand, thank you, and you’re welcome.  It’s really amazing how often it is used, I’ve tried using it, but I think I just look silly.  Anyways, things are becoming fairly normal here: wake up, eat breakfast, leave for work at 9, lunch at 1:30(just a few minutes away), leave work around 6, dinner around 8:30, and that’s the day Monday through Saturday excepting for a few minor changes.

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