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Time to catchup

May 31, 2011

So it is time for me to catch up with what I’ve eaten and done since I’ve been here.  First the food… I am just an amateur trying to explain this:

Chicken Sheek Kabob burger–minced chicken with onion on a kabob, then they take it off and put it on a sweet bun with some mayo(or something like mayo).  It was delicious.

Chicken Tikka Masala- This is the typical curry chicken dish, in this instance it was a reddish gravy with tomatoes.  This one was spicy!!  I ordered it from a place called Hot ‘n’ Spicy so what do you expect?  I’ve basically found that you order the gravies, like Chicken masala, with either rice or roti (a wheat tortilla).  So I ordered it with jeera rice.  I’ve since found out that jeera rice is just the usual rice (basmati) with cumin.  Anyway it too was delicious.

Paneer Kofta- Another curry dish this time with potatoes, also red but not quite as red as the chicken tikka masala.  Was also pretty spicy.  I ordered this one with Roti and did my best eating with my hands–actually just the right hand.  I’ve learned that only children use two hands, so I quickly rectified my error and finished my delicious meal.

Paneer something Kabab- So I didn’t realize the Paneer is the goat? cheese that they use here.  So when I got the blocks of cheese that were covered with curry/gravy I was very surprised.  It was not bad, but not exactly what I was in the mood for either.

Hazzare Kabab- A chicken kabab with a green curry.  Not as spicy as the other curries.  The chicken was more tender though than that in the Masala.

Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani – I think this was my favorite dish so far.  The hyderabadi part refers to a region in India where I guess the dish is popular.  For me it means green curry.  Biryani means that it was covered with rice.  Then they also served it with an onion, a quarter of a lime, and a plain yogurt dish that you put on the curry to cool it off.  As I said it was delicious.


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