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Time to Catch up Part II

May 31, 2011

So what have I been doing in India…Not too much really

So I arrived Thursday afternoon, and tried to stay up as late as I could-8 o’clock and then slept a good twelve hours and woke up at 8 in the morning.  Friday was a day of relaxation and so I just read and watched tv and movies.  Saturday I went to the office of the Manipal group and got to meet all the people I had corresponded extensively with for my visa, and had interviews with the director of Human Resources and the Managing Director of the Manipal Group.  They told me that I was not going to be staying in Manipal, but was rather going to be moving to Mangalore in order to work with Primacy, a subsidiary of Manipal Group.  Primacy is the manufacturing and shipping portion of the Manipal group and work extensively with MVP group in Charleston who I visited earlier in the year.  So I will be working really more with the MVP group than anyone else, which is a very good arrangement in my opinion.  However, as a consequence the rest of the day Saturday, Monday, and today(tuesday), I have been catching up on email and starting this blog-not doing any “real” work.  I will leave for Mangalore tomorrow morning, and then the work will really begin.


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  1. P J permalink
    May 31, 2011 11:44 am

    Loved reading your blog today. I remember the last dish that you mentioned was so good,that was also the dish Rachel said was one of her favorites.

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